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Virtual Staging


The Investment of photo staging in a property is far less than price reduction ON the property

Virtual Staging can reduce cost by up to 97%

Virtual Staging is a great way to save cost. Staging an office, condo, apartment, or home can be expensive, where as virtual staging is very cheap and allow for various styles and views

Virtual staging can increase sales and rent prices

A 2020 survey found that 68% of homes sold for 9% more money and that virtual staged photos increased rental prices by up to 20%

Virtual Staged Properties rent/sell faster

According to Mortgage Report, virtual staged photos on listing websited recieve more views and thus rent/sell 73% faster than unstaged competition.

Most people make a judgement within 7-10 seconds

Property owners only have on average- 7 seconds to make a great first impression.  Empty and boring images are skipped.  An Empty space does not and will not pull in prospects, where as a decorated and enticing looking virtually stage photos "wows" people.

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